Thursday, March 15

Carven SS 2012

Personally, I wouldn't think of pink loafers, cobalt blue, schoolgirl skirts, chunky knits and cool cutouts all put together. But that might explain why I'm not a fashion designer, and it just totally worked.
Carven is not as famous as Louis Vuitton, so it was more of a challenge to find perfect look-a-likes. Did you know there are millions of paperbag shorts with a tied bow belt, but none of them are pink?

Knit dress - Asos €55,90
Cobalt blue blazer - Kookai (Asos) €180,28
Knit shorts - Asos €41,93
Beige shorts - River Island £25,-
Red lace dress - Rare (Topshop) €49,-
Pink brogues - Asos €104,81
Black blazer - Zara €119,-
Genuine leather skirt - Topshop €46,- 
Paperbag shorts - Forever 21 €13,40

Do you have some favourite pieces? We are happy to hear!
Love, F

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