Thursday, March 15

Carven SS 2012

Personally, I wouldn't think of pink loafers, cobalt blue, schoolgirl skirts, chunky knits and cool cutouts all put together. But that might explain why I'm not a fashion designer, and it just totally worked.
Carven is not as famous as Louis Vuitton, so it was more of a challenge to find perfect look-a-likes. Did you know there are millions of paperbag shorts with a tied bow belt, but none of them are pink?

Knit dress - Asos €55,90
Cobalt blue blazer - Kookai (Asos) €180,28
Knit shorts - Asos €41,93
Beige shorts - River Island £25,-
Red lace dress - Rare (Topshop) €49,-
Pink brogues - Asos €104,81
Black blazer - Zara €119,-
Genuine leather skirt - Topshop €46,- 
Paperbag shorts - Forever 21 €13,40

Do you have some favourite pieces? We are happy to hear!
Love, F

Monday, March 12

Prada SS 2012

Hi there,

Men love cars, and especially in combination with women. Women always seem to be less enthousiastic about that (why oh why?), but Prada is definitely going to change that.
Cars + girls does not always have to be something vulgar, Miuccia Prada has found the perfect balance between sexy and elegant.

And because the pleated skirts and dresses are so great (and so this spring!) we added two more, together with shoes and a bag that totally match this show's style!

Pleated dress with leather details - Bershka €39,99
T shirt car print - Asos €30,75
Light blue jacket - River Island £65,-
Pleated blouse - Zara €39,95
Airtex pleated skirt - Topshop €44,-
Bandeau lace crop - Asos €20,96
Maxi pleated skirt - Pull and Bear €29,99
Pink pleated dress - Asos €48,91
Car print shoes - Asos €48,91
Messenger handbag - La mode boutique.59 (Asos Marketplace) €23,19

You've probably noticed the increasing amounts of pleated anythings in every store, and we should thank Prada for that!

Love, F

Friday, March 9

Louis Vuitton SS 2012

Dear Girls,

Wasn't the Louis Vuitton SS 2012 show a girl's dream come true? These were probably the clothes you imagined yourself in after you'd married your prince, and lived happily ever after. But the price tag on these beauties is definitely not a fairytale. Let us soothe your pain!

And then there are some clothes that are not 'exact matches' but are definitely the right style!

White shirt - Zara €39,95
Leather jacket - Warehouse (Asos) €223,60
Orange lace dress - Topshop €62,-
Yellow flower dress - Asos €167,70
Green skirt - Zara €39,95
White lace dress - Asos €34,94
Yellow lace skirt - Zara €49,95
Blue dress - Asos
White lace t shirt - Zara 39,95

So, what do you think? We wish you happy shopping! 
Love, F